Had never done a spanish language interview before this Virginia Vallejos one for RT.

Virgina Vallejo hit me up to talk on racism in the u.s. for her new show for RT. Watch my lil bit here:

and check out the full article here.

This interview I did for DIS series *whats in the box* is making the rounds!

I had so much fun with Hannah late last year talking about my presence on social media. It was released in January and is now being shown at the Baltimore Museum of Art and CCCB’s Influencer conference in Barcelona. I had no idea until my followers started tagging me!


Dove Beauty and Mic asked me to partner with them to talk about my art and beauty standards…

This partnership spot for Dove Beauty X Mic was filmed in my old apartment in New Jersey. Grateful for the opportunity.

Watch it here

Afro-Latina Artivism

Could better representation help Afro-Latina women feel seen?

Posted by Mic on Friday, February 8, 2019

First time co-hosting a daytime talk show and it went well!

Was really excited to co-host the Build Brunch series daytime talk show earlier this year. Check it out:

Spring took me places…

This spring I had the honor of doing keynotes and talks on Afrolatinidad and Latina sexuality at Stanford, Emory, CSU, Depaw University, among others. Very grateful and looking forward to whats in the store for the future.

Representa! is back as of November 14.

This summer I had the honor of being on Blossom TV (a channel for women of color, by a Black woman and all Black girl technical crew) in collaboration with AintiLatina.com, . It was an amazing experience and I got to talk and vibe with some brilliant, beautiful ground-breaking AfroLatinas about issues affecting us. Catch it at WatchBlossom.com




Very grateful for a successful impromptu Spring 2018 tour!


Book me at booking@zahira.co.

My TEDx talk (en español) is now available for viewing.

This was such a surreal experience. Never imagined I would be flown out to Mexico City to do a TEDx talk. Humbled and honored.

Mitu featured me in one of their videos on Cardi B and how people question her Blackness

Thanks to Kat Lazo at WeAreMitu.com for interviewing me for this.

OMG theres a painting of me on Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” series on Netflix

Three years ago I sat for Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, the artist behind the Stop Telling Women To Smile street art campaign against street harassment. The last thing I imagined is my face would end up in several episodes of Spike Lee’s Netflix series, which Tatyana is doing art direction for. 

Now people keep hitting me up saying they saw me on it. I had no clue until one of my twitter followers asked if that was my face they saw. 


Here are some shots of the original canvas and wheatpastes she did of my image (including one where someone scribbled “why not?” in response to it). 


Berkeley or Oakland, California


Los Angeles

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