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Finally Opened Up Shop This Last August


(Pictured: My best-selling Afrodescendiente Necklace, available at


            After much deliberation and pussyfooting, this last August I opened up my own proper online shop, just to try it. For the last couple years I had been selling random stuff from RedBubble and was really frustrated with their layout and terrible pricing and wondering if it was worth the money to have my own standalone online store. And while my initial shop was featured in Paper Mag for my handcrafted foodie 3d nail art sets, I was hesitant to stock anything else. I am an artist, yes, but I have been very shy about showing people what I create for most my life. Background: Only in my late 20’s did I finally post something online (a black cheesecake pin-up) and whaddya know, my art career started picking up.

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New Year, New Site, Same Shit?

Ringing in the New Year Like….

(art: my own galaxy girls. prints & merch available at


          Welcome to my new site. It is all minesss. My last one was tumblr hosted. I feel fresh, clean and Profeshunul. Pfft Yeah right. New mediums, same person. I have been on so many platforms. The one thing that remains the same is that its me on them. Last year was rough and called for different strategy. So here I’m is.

        I plan to write longer form joints, publish older pieces, and post on what I’ve done, am doing and will do in the future.

        Thank you so much for the ongoing support,


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