April 2022


-Talk, “Quizas El No Te Pega” Hablemos Sobre Violencia De Genero – XXIV Feria Internacional del Libro, Santo Domingo



Oct 2021


-Talk, Decolonizing Beauty for DEIB series-Curology, Inc

-Panelist, Body Codes, performance traditions in the Americas and the conscription of bodies by local and global architectures and state apparatus, Hemi Conference- University of Chicago


March 2021


-Keynote, “Unpacking Latinidad”: can this community exist without antiblackness?, Latinx in Action Celebration- University of Iowa

-Talk, Antiblackness in Latin America- UC Davis


February 2021


-Panelist, Afrolatinidad, Latina Empowerment Symposium- University of Florida

-Talk, Afrodescendientes: A critical dialogue on the Black experience in Latin America and the Caribbean- Rutgers University

-Talk, Antiblackness in Latin America, 2021 Afrolatinx Festival- Long Beach Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

-Panelist, Afrolatinx Feminisms in the URL and IRL spheres, Radical Kinship Series- UC Berkeley


November 2020


-Talk, Antiblackness in the Latinx Community- Wellesley College


October 2020


-Talk, Antiblackness and Racial Hierarchy in Latin America- SUNY Suffolk



June 2020


-Panelist, Deconstructing AfroLatinidad- Twitter, Inc


April 2020


-Talk, Racial Hierarchy and Antiblackness in Latin America- Washington University


February 2020


-Talk, Post Colonial Feminism- Carthage College


July 2019


-Panelist, Identity and Belonging- Afrolatino Festival NYC


June 2019


-DJ, Odiosas X Hydr0punk presents: Emo nite, Bronx Beer Hall


May 2019


-Panelist, Todo Depende: Genre& The Writer- Dominican Writers Association Conference


April 2019


-Keynote, Latina Sexuality, Tea Time- USC

-Talk, Antiblackness in the Latinx community-  Stanford University

-Co-host, Build Brunch daytime talk show


March 2019


-Talk, Art Activism and AfroLatinidad- Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore

-DJ, Odiosas X Hydr0punk presents: Emo Nite, Bronx Beer Hall

 -Talk, Gender, Race & Antiblackness from an Afrolatina Perspective- Guttman College, NYC

 -Talk, Racial Hierarchy and Recognizing Antiblackness- Depauw University, Indiana


February 2019


-Talk, Being Afrolatina- Birmingham University

-Keynote, How being Latina shaped my work, REAL conference- Emory University

-Talk, Afrolatinidad from a Millienial perspective: The Winter Series- Union College


January 2019


-Panelist,  Afrolatinx Artivism- St Johns University, NYC


December 2018


-Talk, Antiblackness in Latin America- Swarthmore College, Philadelphia

-Talk, Racial Hierarchy in Latin America- San Diego State University


November 2018


-Keynote, Antiblackness in Latin America,- Wesleyan University, Connecticut

-Tour Host for AfroCuban centered tour, Afrolatino Travel Group Tour, Havana, Cuba

-Keynote, Being AfroLatina and Self-Preservation- UC Davis


October 2018


 -Workshop, Postcolonial Feminism and Racial Hierarchy in Latin America- Brown University, Rhode Island

-Keynote,  Antiblackness in the Dominican Republic and Latin America, Carnaval 2018- Dominican Students at Brown University, Rhode Island

-Special Guest, Solace film premiere, by director Tchaiko Omawale, NYC


September 2018


-Talk,  Antiblackness as Latin American Nationalism- Colgate University, New York

-Keynote, Being AfroLatina and Racial Hierarchy in Latin America, Noche de Gala-Hispanic Heritage Month- Stephen F Austin State University, Texas


May 2018


-Representa! Series premieres on Blossom TV in collaboration with AintiLatina.com, featuring Zahira Kelly as a panelist.


April 2018


-Keynote, Antiblackness in Latinamerica, Black and Latina Womens Summit- University of Illinois

 -Workshop, Recognizing Antiblackness in Latinamerica, Black and Latina Womens Summit- University of Illinois

 -Talk, Antiblackness in Latinamerica- Occidental College

-Keynote, Decolonizing Research Methods- Columbia University

 -Talk, Art and Resistance- University of Wisconsin

-Keynote, Antiblackness in Latinamerica- UCLA


March 2018


-Talk, Antiblackness in Latinamerica- Indiana University

 -Workshop, Blackness in Dominican Republic- National Dominican Student Conference, NYU

-Keynote, Living as AfroLatina- Washington State University


February 2018


-Keynote Speaker, Healing and Resistance as an Afrolatina, Womyn of Color Conference- UC Santa Barbara

 -Panelist, with Alan Pelaez,  Afrolatinidad,  UC Berkeley

-Keynote, Latinas Beyond UPenn- UPenn


December 2017


 -Panelist, Being Dominican in Different Industries, Bella Quisqueya, 6-8pm- National Dominican Student Conference,  909 Kimmel Center for University Life,  NYU

 -Panelist, Episode 2: Solidarity: Intellectual Life, Contemplation, and Belonging in the Millenia- Chroma Collective Conference, 8 Ball Community, 21 Howard Street, NYC


November 2017


-TEDx Talk, #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou/ #QuizaNoTePegue, TEDx Mexico City-Women, Bridges/Puentes, El Teatro Barrio Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico

 -Talk, Decolonizing Beauty Standards- Boston College

 -Panelist, Ni Negro Ni Blanco, 6-7:30pm, CMEP Lounge- NYU

 -Keynote Speaker, Teen Summit, Casita Maria, Bronx NY, Register at bit/ly/11-18-17


October 2017


-Podcast, Ep 6: Dirty Scrapbooking with Zahira Kelly,  Latinos Out Loud with Juan Bago and Rachel La Loca, Listen HERE

 -Talk, Afrolatinas Plight in Latin America/#QuizaNoTePegue,  Foro Mujeres Lideres de Mexico, Sala Mayor de Rectoria, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, Mexico 

 -Talk, Antiblackness as Latin American Nationalism- Williams College, Massachusetts

-Panelist,  Feminism, Womanism, and the Struggle for Equality within Black Community, 6-8pm, Sleeper Auditorium, Room 129-Boston University College of General Studies, 871 Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA 02215

-Art Exhibition, Light (An Ode To Women), 6-11pm, hARTlem, 226 W 145th Street, New York, NY, Tickets at hartlemartfest.eventbrite.com


September 2017


-Panelist, Feminism and Racism, Pitchwise Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia

-Art Exhibition- Pitchwise Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia


August 2017


 -Q&A, The Sex Myth,  A Devised Play, 8:30pm, HERE Arts Center- 145 Avenue of the Americas, Entrance on Dominick, one block south of Spring St., NYC, Details here and Tickets here


July 2017


-Panelist, Community Economics & Women Entrepeurship- AfroLatino Festival, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Studies, Harlem, NYC, Details at AfroLatinoFestNYC.com


-Host, Music Concert, Afrolatino Festival NYC

-Outdoor Vending of Art Prints, Apparel, Jewelry- AfroLatino Festival, BedStuy Restoration Plaza, 1368 Fulton St, Brooklyn NYC


 -Art Exhibition and Panelist, The Scarlet Event, 4-10pm, 2nd Floor, 478 Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10467, Includes All You Cab Eat buffet and open bar, Tickets at MpFrias.com/Shop



May 2017


 -Panel Moderator, Right2Work, NYC 


-Panelist,  Artists in Action Forum: The Revolution, 2:30-5:30pm, Harlem, NYC



April 2017


-Talk, AfroLatina: Living as Embodied Myth, 6pm, Miller Hall- Western Washington University, Washington State



February 2017


-Reading, The folks at KGB Bar’s True Story Series asked me to do a reading and Q&A session on decolonizing love and I was happy to oblige. Check out the event link here as you can send questions beforehand, NYC, 7pm.


-Art Exhibition, You Ruined Me/You Made Me Better- Odiosas Bx, Star Barr, Brooklyn



November 2016



Last May, my friend Lauren Chief Elk and I started #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou on twitter to document forms of non-physical violence women like us experience and within hours, women all over the world joined in across social media to speak their truths and experiences.

I am so happy to announce that following the initial english-language, widespread success, we are launching it spanish with the help of Cynthia Garcia-Galindo of  Plan C, our #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou embassador in Mexico.

Join us and read more on it here.

//Hace unos meses junto a mi buena amiga Lauren Chief Elk empeze #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou sobre el abuso no-fisico y dentro de horas, mujeres alrededor del mundo se unieron a nosotras y compartieron sus historias.

Hoy me place mucho anunciar que con Cynthia García-Galindo de Plan C, nuestra nueva embajadora de #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou en Mexico, lanzamos #QuizaNoTePegue, la version hispanoparlante, para alcanzar a mujeres en Latinoamerica.

Sumate y lee mas aqui.


October 2016


 -In-Studio Interview, The lovely ladies at the Tea With Queen and J  podcast invited me to their Bondfire Radio recording studio for what turned out to be a hilarious sister circle, with engineer TastyKeish joining in for talk on Diasporic Black girl stuff. Listen to the Ep HERE., Bondfire Radio, NYC


-Due to my podcast’s success, the lovely folks at Bumpers.fm requested a 4 episode extension, with Ep 5 airing on this date at bumpers.fm/zahira.


September 2016


-Debut of “Shouting From The Margins” weekly 4 episode season podcast hosted by me at bumpers.fm/zahira, at bumpers.fm’s behest to join their fam.


May 2016



Lauren Chief Elk and I started #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou on twitter to document forms of non-physical violence women like us experience and within hours, women all over the world joined in across social media to speak their truths and experiences.

-Talk, Intergenerational Trauma: Recognizing and Healing Colonial wounds in the Latin American Community-NorthWestern University, Illinois, 7pm

 -Recipient of ¡Ahora! Award for commitment to organizing and demonstrating the necessity for ethnic studies as a praxis for a better future en la comunidad, from Northwestern University’s Alianza and Latina and Latino Studies Program


April 2016


-Panelist, How We Disappear: Missing in Life, Missing in Death, with Lauren Chief Elk and Shaadi Devereaux- Sarah Lawrence College, Yonkers, NY, 5:30pm


February 2016


-Talk, Black history month, on being an Afrolatina, Knox College, Illinois

-Panelist, Chillin Island Multimedia Art Show, Babycastles, NYC- on art with Aaron Bondaroff, Andrew Kuo, Z Behl, Sam McKinniss and Venus X.

-Talk, a talk on telenovelas and the ways they parallel reality for Afrolatinas- Davidson College, North Carolina


October 2015


-Live Reading of Written Pieces, SheWritesShe- Readings by Femme identified authors- Naked Heart Fest, Toronto

-Panelist, The Crucible of Trauma- on traversing trauma through creative expression- Naked Heart Fest, Toronto

 -Award Recipient at Awards Brunch, #AfroLatinasWhoRock- recognizing AfroLatinas revolutionizing the world around them, NYC


May 2015


 -Art Exhibition Closing Cerermony, Sweeties at The ICA- celebration concluding my art showing at a month long group art exhibition by Sweeties Art Collective- Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston


April 2015


-Panelist, Building Communities of Resistance- panel on healing intercommunal rifts and forming stronger communities within the liberation movement, Building A Movement Conference (#BAM2015)- The New School, NYC

-Panelist, Toxic Twitter-duo panel with Shaadi Devereaux on the perils and liberatory power of twitter for marginalized women of color- Sarah Lawrence College, NY


January 2015


-Panelist, Disrupting the Digital Humanities- on driving, challenging and redirecting humanities discourse over social media- MLA conference, Via Satellite


April 2014


-Talk, Afrolatina: Living as Embodied Myth- a breakdown of afrolatina erasure, history, present and future- Depauw University, Indiana

-Classroom Lecture, PostColonial Feminism: Deconstructing Damsels in Distress, Feminist Theory Class- Depauw University, Indiana

-Classroom Lecture, Erasure of AfroLatinxs and Underground Libraries surging post-Tucson ethnic study book bans- Depauw University, Indiana