In September of 2016 the folks at Bumpers.fm, a micro audio post app, reached out to me to develop and host a  4 episode short form show for them, kind of like a podcast. I was happy to sign on and opted to focus on afrolatina feminist analyisis of current events and pop culture. On Sep 19. 2016 I published my debut of “Shouting From The Margins”, a weekly 4 episode season podcast hosted by me at bumpers.fm/zahira. The first Episode was titled “Becky, look at that girl’s butt” and was on a viral case of hypersexualizing a black school teachers body and how this affects us and is tied to colonization and slavery. The reception of the episodes was great and I garnered nearly 2000 listens. The lovely folks at bumpers then asked me to do a 4 ep extension and on October 17, 2016 Episode 5 of 8 aired. They now have garnered nearly 5000 listens to date. You can click through the photo above to hear all the Eps.