#QuizaNoTePegue- Zahira Kelly, TEDx Talk, Mexico City Women

WeAreMitu: Afrolatinas Are Not Confused By Cardi B’s Race

Zahira Kelly Discusses Accountability & Asserting Afrolatina Existence,

The Root: Yo Soy Afrolatina

AfroFusion TV: AfroLatino Fest 2107 Mash Up

Afrolatino Festival: Panel, Community Economics & Womens Entrepeunership at The Schomburg

AintILatina?: #AfroLatinasWhoRock Awards

@NOWyoungfems- #solidarityisforwhitewomen

HoodFeminism.Com-Take 1

HoodFeminism.Com-Take 2 

Stop Telling Women To Smile

Save Wiyabi- Decolonize Sexual Assault Awareness Movement

Weekly Summer School: #AbuserDynamics





Ep 4: Healing is a Never Ending Project, (starts at 59:50), Sana Sana Podcast

Shouting From The Margins, an 8 Episode Micro-Podcast by Zahira Kelly

Interview, Ep #75 Diasporic Black Girls, Tea with Queen and J

Interview, Episode 7: Zahira Kelly,

Discussion, La Hipersexualizacion de la Afrolatina, Beyond Borders, 

Interview, Field Service Radio w/Sweetys at the ICA (begins at 3:54:50),


Art Shows:


Gallery Exhibition, Pitchwise Festival, Public Institution Center for Culture, Sarajevo, Bosnia, September 2017

The Scarlet Event, Bronx NY, July 2017

You Ruined Me/You Made Me Better, by Odiosas Bx- NYC, February 2017

 Sweetys at the ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art – Boston, May 2015

The Itty Bitty Art Show, West End Tattoo and Art Gallery, Atlanta, 2009

Japafronese, West End Tattoo and Art Gallery, Atlanta, 2009


 Talks and Panels:

Community Economics & Womens Entrepeneurship, Afrolatino Festival, The Schomburg Center, NYC July 2017

The Scarlet Event, Bronx NY, July 2017

 Artists in Action Forum: The Revolution,  Sylvana’s, Harlem, NYC, May 2017

AfroLatina: Living as Embodied Myth, Western Washington University, Washington State, April 2017

Decolonizing Love, The KGB Bar, NYC February 2017

Healing Intergenerational Trauma in the Latin American Community, NorthWestern University, May 2016

 #HowWeDisappear, Sarah Lawrence College, April 2016 

Telenovelas: From Fiction to Reality, Davidson College, February 2016 

Art, Chillin Island Multimedia Art Show, BabyCastles, February 2016

Being Afrolatina: Black History Month, Knox College, February 2016

The Crucible of Trauma, Naked Heart Fest, November 2015

 SheWritesShe, Naked Heart Fest, November 2015

Building communities of resistance, BAM conference, The New School, April 2015

 Toxic twitter, Sarah Lawrence College, April 2015

Disrupting the Digital Humanities, MLA conference, January 2015

AfroLatinx Erasure and Underground Libraries Formed Post-Tucson Ethnic Studies Ban, Depauw University, April 2014

PostColonial Feminism, Depauw University, April 2014

Afrolatina: Living as embodied myth, Depauw University, April 2014