Books I’m in:


Come out, Come out, Whoever you are – Abigail C. Saguy

The Silence Breakers and the #metoo Movement – Duchess Harris, Rebecca Morris

Tigers of A Different Stripe: Performing Gender in Dominican Music – Sydney Hutchinson

Feminism: Reinventing the F-Word – Nadia Abushanab Higgins

Aesthetics of Excess: The Art & Politics of Black & Latina Embodiment, Jillian Hernandez





Dis – What’s in The Box with Hannah Black: Zahira Kelly and The Politics Of The Internet

Bravado Magenta, Film, Bocafloja

3 Mujeres Contra La Violencia Machista, BBC News Mundo

RT: Entrevista con Virginia Vallejos

MIC x Dove Collab: Artivism

Antiblackness In Latin America With Zahira Cabrera, Festival Afrolatino, MOLAA

Antiblackness as Latin American Nationalism, Colgate University

#QuizaNoTePegue- Zahira Kelly, TEDx Talk, Mexico City Women

WeAreMitu: Afrolatinas Are Not Confused By Cardi B’s Race

Zahira Kelly Discusses Accountability & Asserting Afrolatina Existence,

The Root: Yo Soy Afrolatina

AfroFusion TV: AfroLatino Fest 2107 Mash Up

Afrolatino Festival: Panel, Community Economics & Womens Entrepeunership at The Schomburg

AintILatina?: #AfroLatinasWhoRock Awards

@NOWyoungfems- #solidarityisforwhitewomen

HoodFeminism.Com-Take 1

HoodFeminism.Com-Take 2 

Stop Telling Women To Smile

Save Wiyabi- Decolonize Sexual Assault Awareness Movement

Weekly Summer School: #AbuserDynamics





The WhiteWashing Of Reggeaton & Why JBalvin’s Apology Falls Flat, The Takeaway, NPR

Ep 4: Healing is a Never Ending Project, (starts at 59:50), Sana Sana Podcast

Shouting From The Margins, an 8 Episode Micro-Podcast by Zahira Kelly

Interview, Ep #75 Diasporic Black Girls, Tea with Queen and J

Interview, Episode 7: Zahira Kelly,

Discussion, La Hipersexualizacion de la Afrolatina, Beyond Borders, 

Interview, Field Service Radio w/Sweetys at the ICA (begins at 3:54:50),


Art Shows:


Gallery Exhibition, Pitchwise Festival, Public Institution Center for Culture, Sarajevo, Bosnia, September 2017

The Scarlet Event, Bronx NY, July 2017

You Ruined Me/You Made Me Better, by Odiosas Bx- NYC, February 2017

 Sweetys at the ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art – Boston, May 2015

The Itty Bitty Art Show, West End Tattoo and Art Gallery, Atlanta, 2009

Japafronese, West End Tattoo and Art Gallery, Atlanta, 2009